Background: we started to work on this project one month before its’ opening. Our primary goal was to sell season tickets

Primary goal: to establish prior demand and brand awareness, creating of loyal community

The highest priority action: implementation of thematic content, based on “mysterious” stretching studio through presentation of project founders and brands’ idea storytelling. Gathering target audience and targeted ad customization. Then we started a campaign during which we sold more than 50 season tickets before the studio was even opened.

Further implementation: account promotion strategy. Key messages: rate, relevance, result. During the Covid-19 pandemic (March – May 2020) we held online classes, social networks games and challenges.

Short and sweet about what we’ve done:

  • Preparing and realization of brand positioning strategy in the social networks
  • Working with community manager
  • Comprehensive social networks running: Instagram and Facebook, TikTok
  • Targeted ad customization
  • New Instagram highlights and logo

During our work on this project we created brands’ social networks from scratch (Instagram, Facebook and TikTok), attracted 850 followers (read as “guests”)