Background: we started to work on TO-TO restaurant/bar/lounge project two month before its opening

Primary goal: to establish prior demand for the opening

The highest priority action: implementation of thematic content – atmosphere of an expanding place that is already occupied with guests. Models with shishas and cocktails in unfinished facility gave the impression of presence right here, right now. This created a huge stir on the opening day.

Secret approach: the first 150 followers were added to restaurant “best friends” list on Instagram. These “best friends” were able to get the information about future parties and events primarily, they also got some discounts and benefits.

The result of this secret approach: 150 loyal customers in the first month 

Further implementation: account promotion strategy

Production’s key messages: models were photographed in unusual places with shishas, cocktails, dishes; photos in bright colours 

Short and sweet about what we’ve done:

  • Preparing and realization of brand positioning strategy in the social networks
  • Working with community manager
  • Comprehensive social networks running: Instagram and Facebook
    Creating posters and animations for events
    Answering on reviews: Google and Facebook
    Event marketing
    The logo was redrew according to To-To concept

During our work with this project we attracted more than 1000 followers exclusively by the content, community management and competent strategy, no opinion leaders or targeting were used for that