Primary goal: increasing readership loyalty, sales, brand awareness; image elaboration

Solution: we created an unique strategy that made our followers hungry while they were scrolling down our Instagram page. Monthly production is made up from GIFs and static dish photos offered by the Poke House. We worked intensively on reviews: Instagram, Facebook and Google

Speaking about brand awareness – opinion leaders were involved, targeted ad was customised for both special offers and general recognisability of Poke House

Short and sweet about what we’ve done:

  • Preparing and realization of brand positioning strategy in the social networks
  • Working with community manager
  • Comprehensive social networks running: Instagram and Facebook
  • Creating posters and animations for events
  • Answering on reviews: Instagram, Google and Facebook
  • Targeted ad customization
  • New Instagram highlights (the devil is in the details)

During our work with Poke House we redesigned brand’s social networks (Instagram and Facebook) by creating more appropriate content; we attracted 700 followers (every follower visited Poke House) and increased coverage by 50%