Background: we have started to work on this project one month before its opening. There was no content and no clients

Goal: full social media development. To attract new customers and followers, increase Instagram page coverage. Increase brand awareness rate.

Solution: thematic content was created with video and photo shooting. Posting expert IGTV videos to increase customers loyalty during the lockdown. Cooperation with influencers and targeted ad customization.

Sweet and short about what we’ve done:

  • Preparing and realization of brand positioning strategy in the social networks
  • Working with community management
  • Comprehensive social networks running: Instagram and Facebook
  • Targeted ad customization
  • New Instagram highlights
  • Collaborations with the most efficient bloggers
  • Giveaway mechanics to attract new clients

During our work on this project we created an account with 2500 customers. Average stories coverage is 600 people, 20% of them take active part in surveys and games