Background: Coffee and Waffles was the first gastro project that put faith in us. We’ve been working on this project for a year and a half. Both Coffee&Waffles and Matilda don’t support the idea of repeated content. That’s why we are constantly changing the visual component. In this case we are going to present you our favourite production for our favourite place. Nowadays their Instagram page looks different, but it will never stop blooming

Primary goal: to do cool stuff

Solution: in a given period we implemented a strategy with a key message: “minimalistic, interesting, tasty but a bit unclear!”. Our goal was to resonate, surprise our followers and don’t make them used to us. We also used some “yummy copywriting”. Source of pride: during the Covid-19 pandemic (March – May 2020) Coffee&Waffles account didn’t lose its audience. What’s more, thanks to Coffee&Waffles staff, we’ve started a special section with dishes recipes that became one of the most popular in the brands’ history. We are constantly adding gamification elements and different quizzes. To the present day we focus on entertaining and educational content for breakfast and waffles lovers

Sweet and short about what we’ve done:

  • Preparing and realization of brand positioning strategy in the social networks
  • Working with community manager
  • Comprehensive social networks running: Instagram and Facebook
  • Targeted ad customization
  • Cooperation with opinion leaders
  • Offline and online events
  • New Instagram highlights (the devil is in the details)

During our work on this project we’ve redesigned brands’ social networks. The world is changeable, Coffee&Waffles dont stand still too.